All You Need To Know About Nozzle Filters


This is one of the most innovative filters that help in injection moulding. They help to prevent the contamination caused by plastic melt- they create blockages which interrupt the injection process. The contamination can lead to damage to the hot runner system, which results in extended downtime and can also increase the overall maintenance cost.

Modern-day nozzle filters are 3D printed which helps to combine static mixers and filters to get a compact form factor. These help to deliver both ease of installation and better performances over the traditional models. It comes with a unique material flow design which leads to some added benefits like lower energy use and machine wear.

What Are The Benefits?

The nozzle filters with modern design come with several benefits, like:

  • It helps in combining both filter and mixer into a single unit.
  • It comes with a very large filtration area.
  • The mesh size is quite small here, which promotes better filtration techniques.
  • It possesses very good mixing properties.
  • The pressure drop is quite low.
  • It possesses low shear stress.
  • The product can effectively resist corrosion.
  • Being sturdy and durable, it is also resistant to wear.

What Are The Characteristics?

These products possess the following characteristics which make them popular across several industries:

  • These are one of the effective products that help to reduce the risks of melt contaminations.
  • It has a very low downtime cost and maintenance is also easy and cheap.
  • The installation of the product does not take up a lot of space.
  • The part quality of the products is quite improved when compared to the traditional ones.
  • There is only a slight increase in the injection pressure.
  • Cleaning the product is very easy.
  • It has high durability and thus can sustain for several years.

How Does It Work?

The nozzle comes with a mesh that has a very particular shape. It is a V-shaped resistant profile which is mounted on different support profiles. Generally, the v-shaped wire is rolled over these profiles circularly, with a millimetre of separation between the one and the other. The profile usually forms a conical groove which does the main work. If a grain gets stuck between these grooves, a little pressure can easily untie them, which prevents the clogging of the entire nozzle. Therefore, during the construction, it is essential to control the distance between the grooves properly and very precisely.

Unlike other filters, there is no clogging here. The filter elements here are designed such that they provide a very uninterrupted slot which allows for a very fine two-point spacing. This helps to minimize the effects of clogging caused due to grains. When this is maintained, it helps in maintaining effective flow and thus promotes efficient operations.

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